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Houssam Alloum was born in 1986 in a village in the mountains of Sweida, in southern Syria. He became well known at school for his interest in painting and sculpture and subsequently earned a B.A. in Fine Arts from Damascus University in 2011.


Due to tremendous unrest in Syria, Houssam fled to Jordan in 2013.  There, he took part in an exhibition entitled “Eradicate Guns From Your Life”, an exhibition that focused on the distressing situation in Syria.  He also performed volunteer work and conducted art therapy workshops for Syrian refugee children who had sustained both physical and psychological trauma.


In 2014, he moved to Istanbul, Turkey where he took part in a monumental painting project.  The painting blanketed 450 square metres, and was adorned with the names of the 12,490 Syrian children who were victims of the Syrian conflicts up to that point in time.  In 2015, while exploring Expressionism and in reaction to the war, he painted a series of portraits that reflected his experiences and relationships. He also began to paint in the style of Realism and Hyper-realism to examine the lives and the emotional damage of the people of his homeland. His haunting, sorrowful portrait of a Syrian woman, entitled “The Syrian Lisa”, through social media, has become one of the most famous symbols of the effects of the abuse occurring in the Syrian Revolution.  


In September 2018, Houssam moved to Gananoque, Ontario, Canada with his wife and child, and brought along some 60 canvasses in various stages of completion.  Houssam’s work has been shown in Dubai, Germany, The Netherlands and Canada.

 Current address: Toronto, Canada  
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Damascus University, 2011
Training, Workshops and Exhibitions
2019 - Kingston Prize, Peoples’ Choice and Students’ Choice Awards
2019 - “The Kingston Prize” National Portrait Competition, Finalist
2019 - “A Gesture of View”, 1000 Islands History Museum, Gananoque, Canada
2019 - “Spring Show - 3 artists”, Heather Haynes Gallery, Gananoque, Canada
2018 - “The Anchor”, Solo exhibition, Heather Haynes Gallery, Gananoque, Canada
2018 - “The Art of Courage”, Fundraiser with Heather Haynes, Kingston, Canada
2016 - “Group Exhibition”, US Embassy, Ankara, Turkey
2016 - “Syria Our House”, Globe Aroma Gallery, Bruxelles, Belgium 
2016 - “Was Mache Ich Hier”, Altefeuerwache Gallery, Köln, Germany
2016 -“Syria Our House”,  Asta Gallery, Dusseldorf, Germany
2016 - “How We Come Across”, Karshi Sanat Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2016 - “Was Mache Ich Hier”, Kulturbunker gallery, köln, Germany
2016 - Workshop “Mahabat ”, Istanbul, Turkey 
2016 -“Syria Our House”, Artspace Filpside Gallery, Eind Hoven, Netherlands
2015 - “Artist for The Kids of Syria”, Fann-A-Porter, Dubai, Emirates 
2014 - “The Angels of Syria” , participating the world biggest painting, Istanbul, Turkey 
2014 - “A Gesture of View” art workshops with refugee children and abused Syrians, lasted for 75 days , Amman / Jordan 
2014 - “To Make the Lead an Art of Life is Not a Tool for Murder” Ras Al Ain Gallery, Amman / Jordan
2013 - “Solo Exhibition Graduation Project “ at Sketch Gallery, Sweida, Syria
2011 - “The Arts Students”, at Aldedeman Hotel, Damascus, Syria
2011- 2006 Annual Spring Youth Fair“, Damascus, Syria 
2010 - “Innovation Youth Fair” Gallery Fine Art , Damascus, Syria 
2008 - “Group Exhibition at Alfa Art Gallery”, Sweida, Syria 
2008 - Workshop at the site Amrit archaeological