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Some stories in my life were created by chance, and grew to become a part of my life. The faces which greeted me in the beginning of knowing new people could tell me about their life stories. Sometimes, there is an infinite reflection in faces that expresses what someone is trying to hide. Also, when we get to know various cultures, we add a lot of different impressions about many of our previous concepts, deepening our relationships. As a new Canadian, I have started a new awareness of my relationship with people around me. The octogenarian woman I met is not my grandmother here- she could be my best friend, regardless of her age. With these new considerations, I have studied how these new visual representations have connected with all my first impressions and judgments, and how my impressions developed into something quite different.

Reflection is a deep language which gives us the ability to communicate with others in a more honest and clear way. It is a language coming from the rhythm of our connections, a colourful language whose  words are humanitarian attitudes and experiences. It is a potent tool to sharpen and refine our lives.  

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