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Alloum Faces

In the last few years of my life as an artist, l have had many experiences that greatly added to my sensory, intellectual, and artistic stock.  In 2015 I started the collection called Alloum Faces. In these faces, expressions materialized and feelings emerged so that I can get them from a place or time in the past when I can›t understand the present deeply. Maybe this is a case of rejection or evolution of reality. There were a lot of faces that I saw daily in the huge city of Istanbul.  Those faces are saved in my imagination, and I created the same faces and expressive characters on my canvasses that make up my special world. The figures in my special world were honest and clear. There are no masks or fake smiles. 

Spontaneity and out-of-the-ordinary creativity are the most important tools for my work, so I loved to do my artwork with unusual materials like metallic pigments that are used for painting cars. Such materials are not easy to use so I created a new style to have special effects in the paintings.

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